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Our Clients

Case Study 1. How a manufacturer solved their cash flow problems.

“We were cash flow restricted in our business before our involvement with Mr. Smalley. He worked with us to develop a financial strategy, then began to work on a process improvement program that helped us control the process flow much better. We highly recommend his services.”

Case Study 2. How two partners solved their communications problems

“Ray was very instrumental in helping our partners develop a unified and organized set of priorities for the business. Prior to this, the partners were going in their own directions. As a result of working with Ray, we are able to communicate much better and the business has moved ahead significantly. We greatly recommend this process for any business.”

Case Study 3. How one business embarked on equity funding

“We had followed the advice of other so-called advisors, only to continue to be frustrated with our business model and financing activities. Mr. Smalley was like a breath of fresh air. His advice was focused, specific and accurate. He helped us refine our business model with savvy suggestions, and then produced an investor ready business plan. Our plan has received excellent reviews from sophisticated investors and investment bankers with comments such as; “this is the best plan I have seen in a long time.” Rays comes highly recommended as a top business consultant in his field.”

Types of businesses we work with: We collaborate with
  • Construction
  • Software
  • Technology
  • Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Owners
  • General Managers
  • Operations Managers

Our clients share many of the following characteristics: If this sounds like you, you are likely someone we can help.

  • High standards of excellence – Good enough isn’t. We are interested in being the very best in our field.
  • Committed to success – We are persistent and willing to try many things to achieve results.
  • Realize there are no easy fixes – If it were easy, we would have solved it already.
  • Continuous Improvement – We understand that in order to maintain our competitive edge, we must always strive for improvement and never be satisfied with the status quo.
  • Realize we can’t know everything – We are willing to get assistance and expand our knowledge and expertise
  • Willing to invest in ourselves with the business – We know this is the best investment of all.
  • Committed to mutually supportive relationships – In business and life we realize that we can’t make it alone.

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