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Strategic Planning

We work together to critically analyze your products, services, markets, competitors, and expected future direction of the market. The result is a well thought out strategic approach to your business. Usually the planning is done with one meeting per week for 8-10 weeks. We may also revise or develop a complete business plan.

Business Planning

We work with companies to develop a strong business plan that defines the implementation process and tactics for managing the business. Managers and individuals are then held accountable for effectively executing their part of the plan–which results in a well-coordinated approach to meeting set goals. Everyone understands the part they have to contribute for the business to succeed. The strategic planning is done with one meeting held each week for 8-10 weeks.

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Operational Management Consulting

Many times a business is faced with internal problems and issues that are holding back the performance of the organization. In these cases, we provide specific suggestions to deal with the issues. This assistance may range from consulting sessions with the owner/manager to more direct involvement with the employees and departments. We work with you to develop solutions that meet your objectives in resolving specific bottlenecks.

Comprehensive Business Review

The business review is designed to provide you with an independent analysis of your business complete with employee feedback and financial review. Many times we provide this service as a precursor to assisting our clients. However it is also valuable as a stand-alone service. The engagement is accomplished over 1-3 days depending on the size of your business. The result is a step-by-step recommended list of actions to be taken.

Operational Analysis & Planning

An operational analysis assists in improving the internal operations of the business. This can be from order entry to shipment, service, or delivery. Usually we start with a problem analysis or a goal that you wish to achieve. Then we work with your team to identify the barriers and together we work to implement solutions. This is done in a methodical way that is designed to produce results early in the process.

Executive Advisory Program

The purpose of the executive advisory program is to provide an effective sounding board that supports your challenges and ideas. We approach the advisory program by getting different points of view. We work actively with you to find the right fit of expertise that is required to meet your objectives. We clear roadblocks to unlock potential and fill the gaps from where you are today, to bring you where you want to be. Advisory services are provided in monthly or weekly sessions and is determined by each individual situation.

Interim CEO

Sometimes the owner needs to have someone take control of the organization for a short period of time to initiate change, or to provide strong guidance in making decisions. The Interim CEO enters the company with a fresh eye and enjoys complete objectivity. He/She has no political agenda or other obligations to color the decision-making process. However, an interim CEO can allow unpopular, necessary steps of action to happen in order to advance the company. At the end of the engagement, the owner is able to assume control of the company without blame for the Interim CEOs decisions.

Change Management

Many times businesses find themselves facing significant changes, either from growth or from competitive market forces. We provide guidance in these situations: From turnarounds and troubleshooting, to change management for growth. We provide executive coaching, and direct involvement with the business as agreed upon.

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