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Seven Dirty Little Sins That Stop Owners from Getting Their Business to the Next Level

Are you guilty of the 7 sins that hold your business back?  Many business owners are!  Read on to see if you are avoiding these pitfalls… Sin #1 – Working “in” your business instead of “on” your business Many business … Continue reading

How One Business Owner got $1 Million More for his Business

This case study reviews how one owner got an extra $1 million on the sale of a business.  The business name and details have been omitted to protect the confidentiality of the owner and purchaser. The Situation A small business … Continue reading

How to get more done in less time

Do you feel that you need to be getting more done in less time?  Many times we all feel overwhelmed with the tasks at hand.  It is a full-time job to handle the day-to-day problems and issues and there is … Continue reading

How to Define and Measure Progress

When was the last time that you made a declaration? “We have to ship everything on time!” “We need better customer service.” “We must increase sales.” Goals vs. Declarations We all do it…but to be effective you need to define … Continue reading

10 Step to Successful Management Meetings

We’ve all been to them.  You know.  Those meetings where a half-hour of content is packed into an 8-hour meeting.  Don’t let your business suffer from meaningless meetings.  To be successful meetings are like any other business activity…it takes work … Continue reading

How to Solve Problems Permanently

We all have them.  Those nagging business problems.  They are part of business life.  You can’t escape them, and no matter how many problems you solve, there always seems to be a new one you couldn’t have dreamed up in … Continue reading

6 ways to solve cash flow problems in small and medium manufacturing companies

From time to time even the best businesses have cash flow problems. These shortages can be results of high growth, declining revenue, increasing costs, increasing receivables, increasing inventory Continue reading