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About Ray Smalley

Ray is a seasoned Executive with impressive experience across several industries in operational environments that include software, service, construction, and manufacturing.

Ray began his career in sales at Moore Products, a major supplier in the high-tech industrial process control industry. Within 2-3 years, he set sales records that remained for years. He quickly advanced to sales management, then to National Sales Manager where he was responsible for doubling the business over 3 years in spite of a general market decline.

Ray then moved to Beaver Engineering as a market leader in the HVAC service and construction industry. As Regional General Manager, he was responsible for tripling sales productivity. Honeywell later acquired the business, where he held several senior-level positions that included Manager of National Sales, Marketing & Strategic Planning, Regional Operations, and District Manager. During his tenure, he implemented many programs including major marketing initiatives, and operational programs that generated outstanding results.

Ray expanded his experience further by moving into the manufacturing industry and joined Mestek Inc. as Executive VP and General Manager. The division was in turnaround mode after filing for bankruptcy. Within 3 years he was successful in doubling the business and moving it from a significant loss to profitability.

He graduated top in his engineering class with the coveted award for best overall achievement. Ray is also a graduate of the Honeywell Internal Executive MBA program from Harvard.

Favorite Personal Quote: “I’ve always tried to stick to one key principle: Emphasize practical strategies and tactics that people can actually use to improve their business.”

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